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Countries In Which I Taught

.: 2009.08.08 :.

I've been given the privilege and honor to organize the very first event for the association Danse Avec Laurez. Come enjoy a 100% blues festival! Workshops, classes, tasters, parties, band... You can find all the details of this awesome event on this web page! More details here...

.: 2009.03.10 :.

A new workshop with a theme: Slow/fast + Battle Of The Swing Outs. Come join us in april, saturday the 18th and sunday the 19th. We'll receive two guest teachers for the occasion: Daniela De Zabaleta (Barcelona, Spain) & Juan Villafane (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Two levels with tons of classes. More details here...

.: 2009.01.29 :.

Two workshops. Two parts for a deeper learning. This happens in february. First will be held sunday the 15th (Technique, A-side), second one on sunday the 22nd (Style, B-side). During the first workshop you'll find that technique can be fun, entertaining, and enjoy this class moment where you'll learn to dance better without actually dancing :). As for the second workshop you'll work on your lines, your posture, the transition work between two 'keyframes'. Everything that will bring your dance to the next level. Sandryne&Jay will teach two times 1h30 for each workshop. No particular level is required as this is more of a personnal quest. More details here and there...

.: 2008.11.24 :.


Here are the videos of Jay&Sandryne@EQUINOXE (1st and 2nd november of 2008). If it can help you remember what we worked on... The important thing is that you worked a lot during this workshop, so you advanced even if you don't recall any specific moves. Videos have been edited to underline the importance of the different themes. Also we wanted to 'social-danse' the material we worked on rather than just repeat it for the video. It might be trickier for you to spot it, but it's supposed to go with the idea stop thinking, start dancing. We teach what we do and we do what we teach anyway :) More details in the videos section...

Ps : You can find the pictures Olivier shot during the workshop at this address http://www.koffeephoto.com/album/CW8iOJ11Bhxn9yx9qnz9oP4B/. Thank you very much!

.: 2008.10.31 :.

'Jay&Sandryne@EQUINOXE' WILL be a BLAST! So we decided to throw you a party just for the occasion. Students come from Fenouillet, Limoges, Bordeaux, Paris, Montpellier, Rennes... The venue for the dance is King Louis Club. Time is 10.30pm on saturday the 1st of november. Map: http://www.kinglouisclub.com/site/images/acces.jpg. Jay, Sandrine, Reza and Maxime, our special DJ guest from bordeaux, will mix all night long!

.: 2008.09.15 :.


Special workshop with Jay, Sandryne, Lolo. Two levels: intermediate. & advanced. 4H of classes with Jay&Sandryne, 2H of jazz roots with Lolo, 1H of open forum with the theme: inviting someone to dance, 1H of stretching. Place for the classes is EQUINOXE, 38 Avenue de Lombez, 31300 Toulouse (Subway : A Line - 'Patte d'Oie' or 'Arenes'). We are really really really excited about this event! More details HERE...

.: 2008.09.04 :.

Mon tattoo, enfin une partie...

It's almost been a year since my last update. We can agree that it was to prepare this year. A lot of new things are going on! First of all: yes the picture on the right is a part of my tattoo. Second: I am finally starting my own dance classes in Toulouse. For those of you that have been patient and waiting for years, it's here! Well the project is not exactly finished but I am working on it so you can expect things to go pretty fast now. You will find more details in the 'Dance school' section. I will mainly teach with Sandryne but we prepare a lot of different things for you to share with us guys.

More details in the dance school section...

To finish with: I updated the part concerning my different trips in USA this past year. Check it out!

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.: Last Update: 2008.09.03 :.

City Dates Event
- San Francisco, CA feb. 15-17 Classes @ Frankie Manning Weekend with Carla Heiney (Teacher)
- San Francisco, CA jan. 29-mar. 3 Classes @ Swing Central with Pinar Erciyas (Teacher)
- Cleveland, OH jan. 22-28 Workshops with Carla Heiney, Valerie Salstrom (Teacher)
- Détroit, MI jan. 17-20 Workshop with Carla Heiney, Frankie Manning (Teacher)
- San Francisco, CA dec 8-23 Classes @ Swing Central with Carla Heiney (Teacher)
- Atlanta, GA dec. 5-7 Swing&Soul (Dancer)
- Anaheim, CA nov. 22-25 US Open (Competitor)
- San Francisco, CA nov. 20 Classes @ Swing Central with Carla Heiney (Teacher)
- Cape Cod, MA nov. 9-11 Swing In New England
- San Diego, CA nov. 2-4 Workshop with Brenda Collins Krstanovic (Teacher)
- Stamford, CT oct. 25-28 American Lindy Hop Championship (Teacher & Competitor)
- Atascadero, CA oct. 19-21 Swing In The Colony (Competitor)
- San Francisco, CA oct. 9 & 16 Classes @ Swing Central with Carla Heiney (Teacher)
- San Francisco, CA oct. 4-7 Boogie By The Bay (DJ & Competitor)
- Minneapolis, MN sep. 27-30 Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown (Competitor)
- Pittsburgh, PA sep 20-27 Training & Touring

Place Event
Competition Results
10th Classic Division (With Carla Heiney) US Open Swing Dance Championship
3rd Adv. Jack'n'Jill (With Kate Hedin) American Lindy Hop Championship
2nd Jill'n'Jack (With Eve Polich) American Lindy Hop Championship
3rd Pro Strictly Lindy (With Brenda Collins) Swing In The Colony
3rd Strictly Balboa (With Zena Knight) Boogie By The Bay

.: 2007.09.25 :.

Entrainement à Herräng

Once again a very good summer! You'll find my planning updated for my 2007-2008 weekly classes. I also updated the events I have attended the past months. I will keep them online starting now so you can browse them yearly. Then you have a ton of new videos. Go visit here to check them all out! To finish with: right now I am travelling USA, mainly to dance in every city I will go to. Return is planned for november 29th. More details in the classes&parties and videos sections...

.: 2007.05.08 :.

Once again a wonderful piece of teaching from Kevin&Carla!

A lot to say and very few space so I'll be short :). Bordeaux's workshop was really great and everyone was really excited about it. I just loved teaching there! Then comes Hamburg with 'Hop In The Spring'. That was awesome! Congratulations to all the staff, teachers, and the dancers of course. Trully awesome! Now Barcelona: arrrgraaah. That's the way my body reacts when it encounters to that many good followers. We also presented our team routine and had a really good feedback about it. Last but not least I am visiting french riviera. There we have the 'Balboa On The Promenade' which was a lot of fun and a performance on a cruise the coming week end! More details in the classes&parties and videos sections...

.: 2007.01.18 :.

<<< Happy New year to everyone! >>>

The 2007 Mini Crep'Swing in Rennes (North west of France) was really great. I do not regret this dancing trip! I have lots of workshop planned for the coming months so I suggest you take a look at the classes&parties section of this website. I'll teach some of them with Sandryne. You also have new videos ready for download. Guess who's thinking about you this new year?!! Swing events organizer: if you wish to book me for classes, DJ, private, I strongly recommend that you do it fast as my planning gets more and more busy... More details in the classes&parties and videos sections...

.: 2006.11.17 :.

Démonstrations à Pamiers

We will perform for 'Cotton Club 09' in Pamiers (Toulousian surroundings). 'We' means Sandrine&Nico and Sandryne&Jay. Lindy hop, lindy hop, lindy hop!! Some other very good dancers will attend so come and join us! All the informations you need can be found at this address: http://www.cottonclub09.com. And to finish with, congratulations to Vinnie and his staff from Grenoble who threw us an amazing Grenoble Swing Dance Festival! We will definitly go back next year if we can! More details in the classes&parties and contact sections...

.: 2006.10.30 :.

Vidéos !

Videos, again and again. This time you'll find some social dancing. There's also an example of all the things you can learn in one night. It's only a matter of motivation :). More details in the videos section...

.: 2006.10.02 :.


More vids! You'll find some 'social' dance. You'll also find a video that shows all the things you can learn if you don't know how to dance lindy hop but if your motivation is high enough :). More details in the videos section...

.: 2006.09.21 :.

End Of Holidays...

I went to Switzerland and Germany for holidays and to teach/DJ a little bit. I only met people with a great spirit, they were eager to learn and it was really fun to teach them all these technical moves! Thank you guys for attending and a huge thank you to Jenn because she organised all that in less than two weeks :). I'll definitly come back! Of course you can download all the cool things we did, but I guess you already knew that, right? More details in the videos section...

.: 2006.09.01 :.

Finally :)

Woohoo! (Yeah I know, it sounds better when you actually hear it...) This is my way of expressing how happy I am after an amazing trip to Norway! I taught there so I officially become an "International Lindy Hop Teacher". From now on you have to call me Sir. Badass huh ?!? ;) Not that I want to, but I guess I have to raise my fees... Anyway, you can check the video section to see how hard we worked! Ps : Those who know me will know how to read this news, meaning not dead serious, for the others, you'll just have to learn :) More details in the videos section...

.: 2006.08.09 :.

Quick Update

A quick update to let you know I just added seven videos (Am I taking care of you or what?). Guess where you can download them? Oh my god you're good! These are the prelim rounds and the final of "The Battle", a lindy hop competition. More details in the videos section...

.: 2006.08.07 :.


Holidays!!! But I guess you knew that, right? And for me holidays mean travels, so I FINALLY went to Herrang... Amazing experience but this is the sort of thing you have to live by yourself, I can't really describe it, so just go there if you didn't yet! I bet you won't regret it. You will find some acts performed during the Herrang Cabaret in the videos section. That is to say: Corleone Brothers - Vicenzo (Italy), Tom (UK) & Juan (Argentina) performing a really cool routine. C-Jam Blues, my private solo routine, this time from another angle ;). BackBeat Power, a conceptual piece of work! (Under the direction of Dax, Australia/Japan). I let you find out what it is all about... If you don't, feel free to ask about it!

Summer isn't over yet and I plan to visit Norway and Switzerland. That means I will not be able to ship DVD orders as fast as usual, you''ll have to be just a little more patient... But be assured that sending the DVDs is my number one priority. All the orders will be sent the day I land in Toulouse (or the day after depending on the time :). Thank you very much for your understanding!

More details in the videos and shop sections...

.: 2006.04.11 :.

DVDs have been sent!!!

I sent all the DVDs you ordered today! You should receive them within 2 days. I went to pick them up this morning in order to avoid postal delays :). Feel free to send me feed back and comments on my work. More details in the shop section...

.: 2006.03.26 :.

DVD about to hit the shelves /// Workshop: April 16&17

I FINALLY got some informations about my authorization request concerning my DVD (the company cannot start the burning process without this authorization!). I reckon I will receive them around April the 4th. Crossing all fingers!! Concerning teaching and parties: I will teach lindy hop and balboa April 16 and 17th near Toulouse and I will DJ a party in Fonsorbes (Toulousian surroundings) the 12 of May. More details in the classes&parties section...

.: 2006.03.01 :.

Schedule up to date /// Just a little more patience to receive your copy of JCFDLH Vol.1 !

I have updated my schedule for the coming months (classes in Paris, workshop in Toulouse and in Aspet, DJing in Bordeaux). More important: I'd like to thank all the people that trust me and my work by buying my instructional DVD. Unfortunately I still have no news about the date I'll receive the final copies (that is to say when I'll be able to send them to you) so please wait just a little bit more and thank you again for your patience... And you are clearly patient because I did not receive any threatening letter until now :). One last thing: you will find my private/small group classes fees in the "shop" section. More details in the classes&parties and shop sections...

.: 2006.02.06 :.

At last! A 100% French lindy hop instructional DVD!

JCFDLH = Jay & Célia Font Du Lindy Hop. This is a french lindy hop instructionnal DVD. This volume covers everything you need as a beginner or an intermadiate dancer. It will be available in my shop in a few days. Otherwise you'll have to check directly with me (I'll try to have a few with me at any time) Meanwhike you can have a look at the JCFDLH Trailer in the video section. One last thing: I am working on an english version of this DVD. More details in the videos section...

.: 2005.12.21 :.

Christmas video!

The Christmas video is online! :) I performed this routine in Launaguet, June 2005. Also I taught it at the Paul Sabatier College in Toulouse for a "rhythm & moves" class and in Grenoble for a "hey! it's 2am! Let's do something silly and spend an hour on my solo routine!". But in the end I think people enjoyed it so the idea must not have been that silly after all. Enjoy!! More details in the videos section...

.: 2005.12.04 :.

Montpellier Swing Danse Festival - 2006 Edition

Here come the videos from the houbaswing lindy hop workshop I taught (Paris, 2005 october 15 and 16). I also updated my schedule for my weekly classes. It is likely not to change before september 2006 so don't hesitate to contact me to know when a new session will begin. Here are two important news to finish with. First: The registrations for the 2006 Montpellier Swing Danse Festival are open! If I were you I'd go fill a form immediately to be a part of this great lindy hop event! Second: if you missed the Jazz Roots Dance Festival in Paris I strongly recommend that you ask for a 2nd edition! The first one was trully amazing =) More details in the classes&parties and videos sections...

.: 2005.09.30 :.

Special Edition Trailer!

I will be teaching some lindy hop classes in Paris the 15 and 16 of october. For this occasion I edited a trailer. The idea is to entertain you while giving you the general idea of what you will learn during this workshop. I wish you'll wanna come after seeing it :-) You can register for this workshop at this address houbaswing.com. Feel free to share this trailer with everyone, I spent a lot of time editing it so I want it shared all over the world. Three different qualities are available depending on your bandwidth... Enjoy ! More details in the classes&parties and videos sections...

Low quality trailer (1'10 @ 64K)
Medium quality trailer (3' @ 64K)
High quality trailer (5'30 @ 64K)

.: 2005.09.15 :.

P.L.X. & SSS

Holidays are over by now :-( Usually this is the time to get back to work, hopefully I will be able to stay away from those such things as "working" :-D Anyway after some weeks of doing non-work stuff, I convinced myself to update my website. You'll find more videos (Yeah I know you're getting used to that :). These are the video-helpers of the classes I taught this summer (during the Sea Sun & Swing camp, Montpellier, south of France and the Paris Lindy Exchange, Paris, north of France). You should also find my updated schedule for the 2005/2006 coming season (lots of regular classes, but don't wait too long before registering !) More details in the classes&parties and videos sections...


.: 2005.07.22 :.


This time I was in Paris for a lindy exchange. I don't think you would be surprised if I say it was "huuUUuuge!". It was really cool not to put any clock in the morning (I am not used to that anyway!) A big thank you to the organizers and to the dancers of course. I'll put videos online as soon as I will get some and share will all of you guys. Including the lesson I gave on the "esplanade des invalides" of course ("done!"). Finally you'll find some video helpers of the Grenoble june 18th workshop. More details in the videos section...

.: 2005.06.21 :.


Back from Grenoble after a lindy hop workshop. There was a really good and positive atmosphere at this event. Working while having fun :) Thank you guys for your commitment! I made up a few moves in addition just to make sure I'd have enough material to teach. I hope I'll get the chance to see everyone soon. The videos of what I taught will be available to download soon... And as a last note: you will find my showcase and my jazz routine when I will be able to perform them on a non-sticky floor! More details in the videos section...

.: 2005.06.02 :.

Acceptance Mark
My OnLine Shop is waiting for your orders!

My first set of T-shirts have arrived! Hence a huge update on my website with the JaySwing.com online shop! You can now order your shirts by using PayPal, an online secured payment solution. Also I'd like to say thank you to my two first models :) More details in the shop section...

.: 2005.05.30 :.

Can you dance 24/7? I can't :)

Here is the video of the 2005 "Balboa On The Promenade" Jack'n'Jill Final. I was talking about it in the news hereunder, now it is available to download. More details in the videos section...

.: 2005.05.18 :.

That was close!

Video again! This time it concerns the Capital Swing workshop Jack'n'Jill. I qualified for the finals and ended up 3rd with Delphine. Funny thing is that we also ended up 3rd the previous week end during the "Balboa On The Promenade" Jack'n'Jill, only this time it was a lindy hop performance. As a final word: congratulations to Valerie, Delphine, Yannick & Joel who were qualified for the finals too and to who I give lessons from time to time. More details in the videos section...

.: 2005.05.13 :.

Encore des aides mémoires vidéos :)

Here are the video helpers for the classes I had the opportunity to teach as promised. I hope you'll find them useful enough to remember the content of these workshops. More details in the videos section...

.: 2005.04.13 :.

Various parties...

I will DJ two evening parties organised in Toulouse during the last week end of April. The first one will be the 29th with rock'n'roll & ballroom music. The second one will be the 30th, only swing music this time. More details in the classes&parties section...

.: 2005.04.07 :.

DJ for Balboa On The Promenade!

I will be DJing for the "Balboa On The Promenade" workshop (Nice, south of France). Come and meet me there from friday the 6th till sunday the 8th of May 2005! You'll find additional informations on this website http://balboaonthepromenade.free.fr/. More details in the classes&parties section...

.: 2005.03.04 :.

Video helpers

The "video helpers" for 2005 Montpellier Swing Dance Festival are online ! You will find the content of the 'Connecting People' taster as well as the full beginner level. I also uploaded the Shim Sham. More details in the videos section...

.: 2005.03.02 :.


Regarding the lindy hop & balboa workshop organised by Paul Sabatier college (Toulouse, south of France), April 9th and 10th : I will give 3 balboa classes (3H) and 3 lindy hop classes (4H30). More details in the classes&parties section...

.: 2005.02.27 :.

DJ for Crèpes&Swing Festival :)

Here is some news concerning my DJ activity. Come listen to my sound for the J'ar Rock 10th anniversary party (toulousian surroundings, south of France). It'll be in March, Friday the 25th. I will also be a DJ for the Crèpes&Swing Festival in Rennes! (north of France) More details in the classes&parties section...

.: 2005.02.23 :.

Swing Party Live + DJs !!!

Swing party in Toulouse saturday the 4th of june! The Ray Big Band will perform on stage and DJs will take care of you during the breaks. Come and enjoy good live sound as well as good DJs mix ! I will be one of them and I assure you you're gonna like it ! More details in the classes&parties section...

.: 2005.02.14 :.

Montpellier Swing Dance Festival 2005

Ok here you go, the first version of my website is online! Happy surfing :) I didn't get the chance to shoot the lessons I taught for the 2005 Montpellier Swing Dance Festival yet. Although they'll be available for download soon, March the 3rd the latest I would say. I told you you would get them and you will! To have you wait a little longer I uploaded my performances for the Jack'n'Jill Finals of this event. More details in the videos section...

.: 2005.02.07 :.

Montpellier Swing Dance Festival 2005

Back from 2005 Montpellier Swing Dance Festival. Tiring as usual but it was a wonderful experience on many plans! There was a really good atmosphere and a lot of energy, the people who came were obviously ready for that! Go check out the videos section if you missed this event. If you do not want to be a part of it after watching these, I really don't get you ;) It was my first teaching experience in an internationnal lindy hop workshop and also as a DJ, thanks to Terence. Both went great in my opinion! More details in the videos section...