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Studio Latino®


Studio Latino, the dances school! To learn salsa, swing, tango, hip hop, jazz in Montpellier.

Olivier & Natasha


A couple of friends who'se giving swing lessons (from lindy hop to balboa). They're based on the french riviera but I am sure they'd be glad if you make them come.

Cotton Club 09


Dance School: boogie, rock'n'roll, lindy hop salsa.



You can buy and download a lot of different videos, lindy hop, balboa, bal swing, charleston... All files contain the demonstration of the move, explanations and music.

La cave à Swing


La cave à swing is a gathering of people who want to share the joy of lindy hop. They organise workshops, parties and other lindy hop events to make the most people know about lindy hop and swing music.



A french forum about swing. You can find some nice videos on this website.

Be Bop N°1


This website takes an inventory off all kind of dance schools. You should find whatever you need, as long as its dancing :)



An american forum on swing music. If you have a question concerning this type of music you will probably find your answer there!



A great source of information for the lindy hop dancer. It is an american website so it mostly talks about US events. It also provides an online swing radio! You ought to try it :)

.: How To Contact Me? :.

You can find all my coordinates to contact me hereunder (phone number, e-mail address, regular mail address):



Mailez moi !
Jérémie Le Roux
101, Avenue Jules Julien
31400 Toulouse (France)