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.: My Activities :.

My name is Jay. I live in Toulouse (south of France) and I've been teaching lindy hop since 2002 (Paris, Toulouse, Montpellier, Grenoble...). It's a passion and also my professionnal activity. My teachings are based on partnership in dancing, individual movement technics, leading and following. I am DJing since 2004 so don't hesitate to call me for weekly classes, private classes and DJing as well.

Competition Results
1st Northeast Lindy Hop Jack'n'Jill (USA) 2003
1st Capitale Swing Jack'n'Jill (France) 2007
1st BarSwingOna Jack'n'Jill (Barcelone) 2003
1st Pink City Swing Festival Jack'n'Jill (France) 2003
2nd Northeast Stricly Lindy Hop (USA) 2003
3rd Montpellier Swing Jack'n'Jill (France) 2004
3rd Balboa On The Promenade Jack'n'Jill (France) 2005
3rd Capitale Swing Jack'n'Jill (France) 2005

Pink City Balboa Festival 2004, BarSwingOna 2004, Sea Sun & Swing 2004, Pink City Swing Festival 2004, Montpellier Swing Dance Festival 2005

.: Once Upon A Time... :.

I began to learn lindy hop in 2001 at Paul Sabatier college in Toulouse. Christelle & Thierry were my first instructors and I take this opportunity to thank them for making me discover this dance!

My first workshop lessons were given by Bill Borgida, Ryan & Jenny and Eddie & Eva. Some of there words were never to be forgotten! This is the basic technics I worked on to become a good lead and a good dancer. I have never left the dancefloors since then and go out as often as I can.

Dancing With CÚlia during the 2004 World Championship in Toulouse
Dancing with Charline during the 2004 Sea Sun & Swing Jack'n'Jill

I took classes with Anne-Hélène & Bernard (2001-2004). Their teaching skills gave me a lot as did their performance group: the Tagada Swing Swing which I was a member from 2002 to 2004. Also they were the ones who gave me the chance to start lindy hop teaching and I learnt the fundamentals from them. A big thank you to both of you guys!

During these years I went all over France and overseas as often as I could to take classes from the greatests: Steven & Virginie, Kevin & Carla, Sylvia & Jason, Eddie & Eva, Ryan & Jenny, Erik & Sylvia and many others. Now I am following my own path and continue to train and develop as a Lindy hop student when I have the opportunity to do so.

One last word concerning Toulousian lindy hop scene: young, full of energy, and eager for knowledge! I have seen this 3rd french lindy hopper generation evolve and I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to grow up among them! Keep swingin' guys!

.: What Is Lindy Hop? :.

Lindy hop is the authetic afro-american swing dance. You dance it in couple on jazz music from the late 20's to nowadays jazz.

The basic patterns follow the musical phrase which is a 8-count beat. Although the dance is really open and swing dancers particularly like syncoped steps and rhythm changes. There is a close relationship between the dancers and the richness of jazz music makes this dance really playful and joyful. You are probably aware that describing a dance is a hard task so you might be interested in viewing some of the videos from this website. I think they represent good examples of lindy hop.

Lindy hop dancers